Coldstream Hills Reserve Chardonnay 750ml

$54.99 each
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roduced only in years where the quality is deemed to be exceptional, this wine is made from a selection of low yielding and mature vineyards. In addition to the twenty year old House and G Blocks, the Coldstream Hills Briarston Vineyard provides an outstanding resource of Bernard clone (French clone) Chardonnay, which adds elegance and length to the wine. Gentle handling practices, including whole bunch pressing are carried out, with each batch undergoing barrel fermentation in new and seasoned French oak. Wines remain on yeast lees post fermentation for approximately ten months until blending. In order to maintain natural acidity, malolactic fermentation is not encouraged.

Stylistically, the wine displays attractive cool climate fruit characters of stone fruit and citrus. Oak plays an important role, but does not dominate. Secondary characters of barrel fermentation and minerality add further layers of complexity to the wine. The wine's structure and length will reward careful cellaring.

Place of origin

Yarra Valley, Australia

Alcohol by volume


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